Are antiviruses worth it ? My subscription expired a few days ago and they're pestering me to renew it. Will Windows Defender be good enough ? Do I really need an anti-virus ?

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    Windows Defender is sufficient.

    But really you should switch to Linux.
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    @adhdeveloper I'd love to but primarily being a .NET dev isn't helping much :(. Agreed that .NET core is now cross platform, but from what I hear, the DX is not at par with what Windows has to offer. I might be wrong, but I haven't really dug into it.
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    If you use Windows, Windows Defender is enough - if you install regularly updates and "keep away from shady sides" TM.
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    eww windows
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    Yes, Windows Defender is enough. Also, it's fast - it doesn't slow your OS down, at all.
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    I should start suggesting people run Windows every time someone mentions Linux.

    Oh, so now you see how stupid it is to recommend Linux at every possible opportunity?

    BTW, I don't vape.
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    Unless you install programs from where ever and use usb's like a whore windows defender is good enough and everything is pretty much a scam
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    I'm just using Kaspersky free version
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    @Demolishun you should try tobacco
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    @WildOrangutan you're living on the edge, bruh.
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    The only case an antivirus has ever served me well is when I used to download .exe's of MS Office/ Adobe Suite, games etc via torrent.

    Other than that their web safety exts suck, usually they're memory hogs, and often they auto-quarantine legit self-signed executables (eg OSS/ freeware). Pure annoyance. You are the biggest danger to your computer, but you can also be its greatest antivirus
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    @webketje So you didn't use cracks? Cracks (actually the exotic packers used to compress/obfuscate them) seem to be the real target of snake oil.
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    @Demolishun underrated comment, but one I can get 100% against. As if one OS was enough. Linux fanboys are cancer
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    When I used to fix computers, some 80% of my customers had virus issues.

    Yes I'd say its worth it, but can be difficult to find one that plays nice with your machine, and how you work. ( Some will slow your machine down noticeably.. )

    I haven't checked recently to see how good Windows Defender is compared to other choices, but last time I did, it apparently came out not so good.

    Since you can catch something from just looking at a website these days, even a branded top 10 site ( With infected adverts.. ) it might be wise to do so.

    If you have more than one machine, suggest a different antivirus brand on each, that way, if you catch something, another of your machines might spot it and not infect everything.

    Note, you can get viruses on other OS's too, even smart lightbulbs !
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    @adhdeveloper linux doesnt magically prevent you from getting a virus. In fact, the choice of the OS makes hardly a difference. The problem usually sits in front of the PC.
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