The moment when you try Android development for the first time, you get a bluescreen out of nowhere and after that there are problems with the jdk in your project... I do not get it. Please windows... I just wanted to try something new...😰

It does not feel motivating at all... :/

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    Sorry to say this but if you dont mind, try app inventor (desktop) or sketchware (android app) for android development. Great fir beginners.
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    Setting up the environment is a pain in the ass. Try until you can.
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    @CozyPlanes I took a look at them and they look like you are working with block snippets while you create an app... I wanted to learn app development using Java and the Google guides... But since the crash Android studio is throwing errors everywhere but I am still able to start the app on an emulator... :/
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    @OnlyBytes what are the errors? U recommend not to install intel haxm and default emulator. It gives unnecessary errors.. Try genymotion. Contact me in the comments if u have any questions.
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