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    Microsoft says no
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    @BigMacca101 😰
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    You should reconsider.
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    Not once has Windows actually found a "solution" to the problem. Don't even know wtf that is supposed to do.
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    void CheckForSolution()
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    What machine are you doing this on? Something from the previous decade?
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    If a specific solution wont load, locate the .vs folder and delete/move it.

    It gets recreated and contains stored information to speed up loading along with last open files. But sometimes it can be corrupted and block loading.
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    Guessing visual studio's girlfriend doesn't mind. *giggity*
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    *Laughs in Linux*
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    And as usual we couldn't skip the usual linux nazi comment...because you have NEVER A SINGLE problem on linux right? Oh wait, just scroll devrant
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    @dontbeevil Fair point. Though it gives power users/programmers the option to fix things or make them even greater.

    Which a normal user has not the ability to do.

    The more programmers/funding is availible the better it generally gets. (omitting the PM's choice to deliver a baby in 1 month)

    Can't we just try varity of OS' and just pick one and get on with our lives.

    Then again I generally use Ubuntu Gnome so even Linux elitists will scoff at me.
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    @magicMirror nope haha 2 year old asus
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    Do yourself a favor and go with .net core on Linux. My tool chain didn't break there once whereas I was happy when it worked on Windows 3 times in a row.
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    @rootshell yeah that's my point, just stop this war and choose wathever you find best for you...and mainly don't claim that the others must switch to what you use because is the best (you think so) ;)
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    Ewwww kill it! Kill it with fire!

    Just kidding, c# is pretty sweet. Enjoy
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