Finally!! I've managed to molest containerd and kubernetes!!

Now I can run k8s in a container :) yayy!!!


Next: figure out a way to automatically and transparently share certs

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    Why not chain down environment variables as docker/k8 secrets?
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    I haven't looked closely (yet)

    But this sounds like


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    @IntrusionCM the first line of the readme addresses exactly that 😁

    kind and kinder are doing smth similar, but imo they are severely overengineered. They even have their own package managers and other bells... While my approach is as down to earth as I could get it. Just a few dockerfiles and shell scripts.

    Tbh I didn't dive deep into kind, but the moment I saw it has a package manager and requires golang - I discarded it as too complex for the job
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    @bioDan it's not bound to k8s/docker
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    @netikras you spend hours of development because you made wrong assumptions. You don't need Go and it doesn't have a package manager. You can use go as a cross platform installation method.


    Go is not an interpreter/vm and doesn't support shares libraries so you never see a Go as a requirement aside from building stuff from source.
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    @hjk101 Probably :)

    And you're wrong. Days. I didn't spend hours - I've spent days ;)

    But that's for my own needs and I was very curious if I could pull it off. Turns out I can and I've learned plenty along the way.

    P.S. if I understand kind is a LOCAL cluster management system. Where my approach does not focus either on local or management. It's probably more like kind's nodeimage for both the agent and the CP. Except you can't really see what the nodeimage or cp-nodeimage in kind is, can you.. https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/docs/.... Also, as I understand, kind cannot spin up a cluster across separate hosts.

    I've built this to have my cluster prebuilt and protected from OS/package upgrades. I could do the same with a shell script/ansible/puppet/chef/etc, but these tools have to be (a) installed additionally or (b) platform-speciffic (bash/PS/zsh) AND (c) a script does not store state - it only stores instructions to assemble local state from external sources.
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