Please fix this @dfox :<

When opening devRant after having my phone locked for awhile, the app freezes for 30-180 sec. It usually recovers, but not always. It's painful 🙁

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    @jerome724 i hope. Straight out of hell
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    It happens to me sometimes too. Not the font, the freezing thing.
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    Happy 1k mate
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    Yeah it completely crashed on me once. I sent the report just in case a stacktrace would help
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    I guess its the font.

    I guess you could try clearing all data. That usually fixes it.
    Is it a new problem? Did it start after an update?
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    @flag0 Nah, this has been happening for months.
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    @Ashkin then clearing data and logging in is the best bet.

    Also the send feedback can show you Stack trace for the error.
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    @flag0 I've reported it a few times. Might try clearing its data next time
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    Hmmm, honestly, I'm not exactly sure what this would be.

    Any additional details or reproduction steps would be really helpful to maybe try to pinpoint it a little.
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    Unfortunately I haven't found any way to reproduce it apart from the aforementioned, and it seems somewhat random. Ram usage doesn't seem to affect it, though with multiple ram-hungry apps running, Android is more likely to just terminate and restart devRant immediately anyway. Being on Wi-Fi / LTE (and their signal strengths) also doesn't seem correlated.

    Update: After playing with it more today, even lock time didn't seem correlated. It froze twice while writing this message (and getting distracted by irl). Also, it always seems to happen after I've scrolled in a rant, whether or not I'm writing a comment on said rant.

    Steps to reproduce (though not reliably):
    - open devRant
    - open a rant and scroll
    - optionally begin to write a comment
    - lock phone
    - wait 5+ min
    - unlock phone
    - try to interact with the app
    - possibly frozen?

    Other possibly relevant info:
    - Android 7.0
    - space available: ~1gb
    - North America

    I'm unsure which other version numbers are pertinent
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    @Ashkin thanks a bunch for the detailed info, I'm looking into it now.
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    Samsung-specific issue.
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    @ejmin no it's not Samsung, I have OnePlus 3 and I have this sometimes
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    hahahhaha thats what I was about to say fix your font first xD
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    I like my font 🙁
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    I don't know what you guys are talking about. I only use a browser for devRant. :3
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    Oh so im not alone in this. I thought it was happening because of my shitty custom rom.
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