I have a confession to make.. I have sin.. after 8 years of coding in the dark I've joined the light..

How did this happen? Well whenever I would decide to change my dark theme to another dark theme in VSCode, normally I would arrive at the light themes in the list, and for some reason the reading felt more pleasing to my eyes, so I started researching as to whats the best theme for the eye, and why does the light theme feel "more right"?

So it turns out that there isn't any difference for the eye, but that maybe because of the white paper black letters the eye finds it easier to focus on the letters rather than visa versa.

And here I am coding in the light for a month now and it feels great I guess?
Keep in mind I was one of those that would see light theme users as mudbloods and muggles. But I can't deny that the light theme + blue filter makes my eyes more rested.

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    Good for you. But I let the data speak for my decision for using Dark Mode.

    Light Mode: 1-2 hours coding before my eyes start to hurt. Less than 1 hour if I am in stress.

    Dark Mode: 8-9 hours coding before my eyes start to hurt, regardless of my stress levels

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    @Sid2006 mmm I should do a test like that and see, although for me its not that my eyes start to hurt in dark mode it's rather I can focus better on the letters in light mode rather in dark mode.
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    note that if you work using an oled screen, black mode will save you some money on the electricity bill too.

    So in the future that is also nice to have no ?
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    It's all coming back. 30 years ago, dark mode was the norm. Then monitors improved enough that light mode would even work. And now the fad is back to dark mode. Same with thin vs. fat clients.

    Btw., Redshift (or F.lux under Windows) is great.
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    I feel so much cringe whenever I hear that typical dark theme elitism from devs.

    I pick the theme based on the brightness of the environment. Most of the time it’s the light theme. Because dark theme in a well lit room ist just shit to read.
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    I found a balance, light theme for the day, dark theme for the night. Can't be happier.
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    I use dark themes on phone and light themes on computers.
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    i maintain that the difference still exists - especially at night. light theme causes larger intensity contrast between looking and not looking at the screen, so the retina muscles work more when you look awa and back.

    also light theme makes your retina contract, making the muscles that do it strain more.

    yes, on the other hand dark theme makes the retina open up more, training the muscles that do that, or however it works, i'm no anatomy expert, but from experience i can tell you that having retina contracted for a long time gives me a more strained feeling than having it expanded for a long time.
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    the psychological part surely plays a role too, though.

    i started with computers on amiga and 386 with dos, so for me, dark background and bright text is more natural in context of computers.
    however, when writing texts in word, like, a short story or a book, having dark background and light text distracts me, in that context i need it to mimic paper, because that's how books look(ed)...

    psychology is interesting
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