have a nice weekend folks...

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    Apparently yes, and also poorer
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    We are leaner and more flexible
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    There are some edge cases where it does make sense to go live on a Friday. I maintain a legacy intranet application for a high street bank and they have very few users at the weekend so it does make sense to go live then - that way the number of users impacted is minimal. Also as I typically work from home Fridays now, I have my laptop at home and could push a hotfix at the weekend if needed.
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    @gitpush so as to not have a torrent of user errors over the weekend? Gee. No that's stupid heh
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    Fucking Bs this never changes
    Let's add several fully working phones they stole to all the other shit Jesus Christ
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    Hello bought another iphone SE
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    Also kindly hand over all earlier photos videos and ideas and all equipment purchased etc and let me move somewhere people aren't fucking creepy and or crazy
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    I am. I mean just look at their ugly architecture.
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