If I ever get a pet, I'm naming it sudo ;)

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    Sudo don't shake! No no Sudo no shake! NOOOOOOO.
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    *dog barking*
    - sudo shut up
    *more barking*
    - sudo su!

    And suddenly you are root
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    I'm calling my dog GIT so I can say "git fetch"
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    sudo sit! *giggles*
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    Not a good idea. You would go:
    - cat come
    + file "come" not found. I mean, meow.

    it would never do anything you tell it to do. So, basically like any other cat.
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    I will name my second dog Jason (json)
    My third: sudo
    Forth: crazy
    5: a or b not sure yet
    6: HomeOverflowException
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    Don't forget to write "root /" on his bed (home) :-)
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