News sites with infinite-scrolling are so damn annoying.

A new random article I am not interested in suddenly loads under the current news article when skimming through it by dragging the scroll bar, and then throws me far down into unknown territory due to the sudden change of the height of the page.

It also happens similarly on Imgur photo galleries: when I drag down the scroll bar to quickly seek through the images, the "explore posts" section suddenly loads hundreds of "trending" and "viral" (uninteresting junk and spam) photos under the gallery, and since this adds lots of height to the page, I get pulled right into it and my window is full of such posts. Both distracting and memory-consuming.

YouTube's infinite scrolling comments and video lists are acceptable as of writing, since they are on-topic, and no off-topic "trending" spam, and they do not load too much at once, which does not throw me down too far.

Quote from https://elite-strategies.com/infini... :

> The footer of a website is like the shoes of a person, it ties the whole outfit (or website) together. Footers are awesome because it gives you a chance to tell people where to go when they reach the bottom of the page.

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    It's a disease
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    It would be nice if YouTube comments had a read/unread flag, and the ability to quickly move around from comment 1 to comment 23,497..

    It's so primitive I almost want to tear my hair out !
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