Seems to me that shitty youtube shorts "explaining" basic programming concepts via shitty JavaScript snippets.

Yesterday I've seen dude basically badly explain/demonstrate currying, on such a contrived example that it didn't explain WHY would you ever want to use it, and apparently without being aware that's what it's called, and using like 5 nested/chained ternaries.

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    I saw a short where they wanted to print "Odd" or "Even" on numbers. They literally had an if sentence for each number up to 1000!

    if (number == 1) {

    Then another guy showed how to write code that would generate this s*** up to 10 000! [...face palm...]
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    Development, more than ever, is tarnished by inexperienced babies who are more interested in popularity through social media and YouTube.

    The videos are to help their egos... not us.
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    Wait till you discover russian Android "lifehackers", which support the stupid trend of orally chattering the steps without any diving into why.

    Imagine typical indian dev video on YouTube, but 50 times faster. I'll hate with a passion whoever does the same for dev topics.
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    I ranted about emojis in code before, and I've seen it in these "educational" shorts aswell. This needs to stop.
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    Short video format is a cancer that keeps spreading from platform to platform. Luckily the devs on this platform are so inactive that we should be safe.
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    @electrineer don't jinx it 🤞🙏
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    These are shorts. What did you expected? Content with value? Lmao
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