Do coding outside of work. I got into the industry because I enjoy writing code, but your job won't always be fun. That's why they give you money. Make sure that spark of joy doesn't die.

Or, when it does die, at least you'll have something to rant about.

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    This is the truth. Don't let the bad people consume and take away your passion. Better to keep the two separate as best as you can.

    At the end of the day. I'm just here to solve problems. And if I don't get it all done by the time I go home, tough cookies. There's always tomorrow.
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    Has it died for you yet?
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    @netikras not yet. The most interesting thing is that I used to do the likes of hacker rank algorithmic problems for fun, small interesting problems. Now I tend to work on larger stuff. I wrote a decision tree from scratch, currently doing the same for a neural network. Larger scale engineering, I guess.
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