If you’re having trouble with the bossman’s ‘tude
He’s giving you the blues
You wanna dev, but not for this dude
Here’s what you gotta do:
Pull up the CV, it’s that easy
Send it every time

Just use a throw-away email, hey.

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    how to deal with bosmangs attitude - empress root edition.

    very gud.
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    @rootofskynet I have the feeling that I've heard the term "Bossmang" somewhere.

    The Expanse?
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    @Ranchonyx Yes indeed! I thought about using it above, but it just didn’t go.
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    @Root I fucking love that show.
    Was considering getting the books but eh, unsure.
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    @Ranchonyx yes indeed. I need to finish it some day..
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    @Ranchonyx I started reading the books. Thus far, the show is very similar with only a few different details to make the screenplay easier to follow for viewers. There’s also a few added scenes. My only qualm is how lacking the scene descriptions are. Apparently that improves as the series progresses, and there’s more content too: The show has some added scenes, the books have others that are missing in the show, and they both mesh nicely together.
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    @Root Ah, so the usual deviations. Oh well, I guess I'll give it a go, Bosslet.
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    dealing with this right now, but I am manipulating things to make him leave.

    Charisma and personality, will matter more than rank. I can assure everyone of this right here.

    dude is new in our org, I am not. The directives that have issues with him? yeah they message me personally to go chill and shit.

    Bend the system, fuck your bosses, don't leave if you like it, make them fuckers leave.
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    *uses company email to send out resumes*
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    @rantsauce ha! I see what you did there.
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