so a colleague of mine, which is fresh out of Uni. as software engineer has no clue of what Foo and Bar stands for...

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    spam, eggs, ham
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    Too be honest, I've never heard of Foo bar until the last year, and even still I don't know what it means.

    however, from what I've gather, it means to go absolutely wild lol.
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    Isn't it the thing people used to say in the 60's? I think the f is for fuck
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    Been working for a long time in the industry - still no clue
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    It's military talk that some developers use. I've only ever seen them used as place holder text.
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    It's actually supposed to be spelled FUBAR.

    Fudged Up Beyond All Recognition

    There is also SNAFU

    Situation Normal All Fudged Up

    Instead of Fudged it's supposed to be another F word haha
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    @fyroc FFFFFF hahhaha
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