Pirated Adobe products are easier to use than legit ones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    I stopped upgrading after CS5.

    For what I use, it's good enough for me.

    Something about paying for software every month that I didn't need to pay for before leaves a taste of shit in my mouth.
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    @sariel I understand the model and think it can be great to boost development. Jetbrains does it nicely for example. You can run any version you like without any hassle. Every update is an actual update and if you stop paying you get a reasonable fallback licence.

    Adobe gives you no such option. It's horrible is you move between stations/share stations between coworkers. Updates are often downgrades first and with luck after a lot of complaints the missing features/bugfix might get implemented. I'm glad I don't have to work with it and also don't have to support people that do anymore.
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    Not only adobe products. Nowadays a lot of software is easier to use when pirated.

    Luckily there are also enough alternatives though.
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    @hjk101 aaaand it is completely free for pupils/students etc.
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    Why not buy the license and run a cracked version anyway
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    @electrineer would this be "legal"?
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    @jonas-w possibly not, but OP implied that piracy was already an option.
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    @jonas-w depending on the country actually yes.
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    @jonas-w does it matter?
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    @jonas-w I was never a student according to US based companies. Stopped bothering with that BS after the fourth discount rejection.
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    @hjk101 never had any problems just sent them my german "Schülerausweis" = "pupil ID"? Idk how it is called overseas. And then few days later i got my subscription
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