Where can I find a well paid junior Android Kotlin position?

I've been working in Switzerland for nearly 3 years now. I earned 72,000 (CHF) the first year, 78,000 the second year and now I've reached 86,400 at my current job. I quit this job and with the new job I'll be earning 96,000 after a 3 months trial period in which I'll earn the same as I earn now. I see a lot of Java jobs with Spring Boot and Angular but I'd really like to work with Android and Kotlin, I applied to Element.io and got rejected so I think I might need to apply as a junior Kotlin developer even though I have quite some experience.

I'm not sure where I could look for Kotlin jobs and if it's possible to not deviate too far from my current salary, I'm not sure which country and I'm not sure which platform I could use.

I've tried some stuff on LinkedIn and Indeed and others and I've tried in Switzerland, Israel and the US since I speak English and Hebrew natively and German fluently.

P.s. I know that you're all going to say that the expenses in Switzerland are higher, but I'm very frugal and this doesn't apply to me that much. I still earn a lot more than I would earn in Germany for example and I really don't want to earn 10,000 less...

Here's my CV if you're curious 😉

Thanks for reading up to here and I'll be very glad to get any feedback 🙏

Also I posted this on hacker news and I'd appreciate if you up vote it there so I get some attention 🙈

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    Nice cv, since you are trying to land kotlin based jobs, have you thought about changing your CV to cater for that?

    It reads extremely heavy of a Java developer.

    Your work history should include a few points as to what you have done in those roles, "fullstack dev" for example doesn't say anything of importance.

    The spiel at the bottom of the page about your UCC client almost reads as if that's what you were doing for the University tutor position, giving that role a very detailed brief, while it's not clear at first, on the 2nd read over I can work out it's not intended to be, but i did make that mistake.
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    Throw this in fishbowl too. It's a very responsive community so far.
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