Anyone know of a machine learning library for python, that supports Decimal module?

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    But why
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    Decimal is built on top of floats, just work with numpy
    Dont even know what you want to achieve
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    @McSebi if decimal is built on floats, how is it that se can set precision higher in Decimal than standard floats support?

    Reason I'm asking is because I may have to handle variables with more than 128bit precision during training and classification of some data.
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    Why would you need such insane precision in machine learning? If 64 bit float isn't enough, it seems to me you're solving the wrong problem
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    @Lucky-Loek need greater than 64 bit precision, because the training data has entries with significantly more digits than 64 bits will cover.

    There's no half measure here. Although I considered conversion to strings of characters, or chunking, or some sort of hashing/minifying scheme. I wanted to try the naive approach first instead of prematurely optimizing.
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    Sounds like there is one you make one
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    My next favourite nerd. When you find it let us know.
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