Happened with me in early days 🥲

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    Mhmmmm no, information always in the docs but when there is some error like "MangoException: Not Enough mangos in my stomach Line 1337" i yeet that shit into duckduckgo and stackoverflow is often the first that pops up and often has the solution.
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    I feel like there should be a third queue for "read the source code and see how it works", coz that's where I've spent half of my week...
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    @atheist true when the documentation is garbage or nonexistent
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    lately, it seems like it's

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    @netikras the traffic is not even close, just some juniors slipping by
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    I visited stackoverflow intentionally last week. First time I’ve needed to in years.

    Turns out I didn’t need to and what I needed was in the docs. I felt silly.
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    if the documentation is good, i don't really look elsewhere. I've been checking numpy for instance and it's really clear with use examples and everything
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    There should be a queue for when you’re working with niche obscure closed source software with a barely existent documentation. Mmmh… maybe it should just be a rope 😬
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    Sed reality
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    No wonder. Sometimes SO is straight to the point. It saves time.

    If every tool’s documentation would be more useful and helpful than SO, SO wouldn’t have existed.
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    @jonas-w Looking for documentation on some Android libraries are just bad to look at
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