Recruiters often tell you to use numbers to highlight your successes. For example, "I did Programming Task ABC and increased sales of widgets by 1,000%". I'm curious how many of us actually have had access to and/or kept track of those kinds of success metrics in our prior jobs. I find myself guessing and even just making up numbers that nobody's going to have even the slightest possibility of verifying.

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    That sort of thing sounds pointless even if it was accurate. Sounds like it's a guessing game where you should know their favourite number.
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    If they like numbers…

    "My work resulted in literally infinitely more sales (from 0 to 13) in the span of just one month!"
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    if you write that, there is no way to verify you actually did those things.
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    Gonna put on my resume:

    100% replacement of "fucked code" with "unfucked code".
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    @ista4 doesn't matter, numbers don't lie
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    @Demolishun If you're being honest: "less fucked code (probably)"
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