How has weed affected your ability to code short term and long term? And is there anyone who codes while high? What about CBD?

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    I don't know personally. But I had a colleague who smoked a lot of weed and he was pretty good, though also pretty weird and mellow. Way too chill and was hard to communicate with him cause because the conversation just dragged and all of my senses just wanted it to be over xD...

    but to give credit where credit is due, he was not only doing good job for the company, but he also had his own side projects and as far as I could tell, he was doing good for himself.

    This is just one sample item though. I'm interested to see the experiences of others tbh
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    Wrote some truly awful perl scripts while high.
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    I have yet to find out
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    Trust me... a proper shit legacy codebase is giving ne enough bad tripping already 🙈
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    I like it for when I need to be creative or design something new.

    But for most of my work I prefer to actually finish everything for the day before getting high (or sometimes if I don't have that much work I smoke when I wake up and then start working couple hours after when effects wear off)

    I guess it also depends on what you're working - I'm a game developer and most of my work is server development (multiplayer, social features, anticheat, etc..)
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    i actually feel that (when i'm in the mood to be coding when high) it's going better. my ability to keep the whole system in my mind is better, my ability to build relatively complex systems from scratch is better, i make less compile and runtime errors, i tend to see solutions faster, i tend to be able to code longer without a break...

    proper weed, though. CBD is relax and sleep juice. it's the THC that has the positive effect i'm describing.
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    Mild buzz makes the job easier
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