"Root, go fix this bug. It'll take you two days."

The "bug" is a feature that was never implemented for one particular payment type.

The code in question is two years old, full of typos, smells, junior-isms, and is convoluted AF. The feature's commit touched 190 files and implemented many other features as well. Thus far, I have been unable to narrow down where this particular feature's code lives for the other payment types, nor which code or payment paths lead to it. Burned out, I can barely focus on the screen, let alone follow its many twisting and dynamically-inferred paths. I hint as to the ticket's scavenger hunt nature during standup.

"But I wrote comments on the ticket telling you exactly where to look to fix it," Thundercunt admonishes in front of the team.

"Sure, you did," Root replies. "You reworded what the original dev had said in the comments 20 minutes prior, and agreed with him. His comments were helpful, but it doesn't tell me how any of it works," she continues.

TC scoffs and closes the meeting.

Root stares blankly, seeing neither code nor screen, questions her life decisions, and recalls the previous tickets she has worked on: nearly every one of them busywork, fixing other people's bugs. Bugs she never could have gotten away with if she tried.

"Why do I put up with this?" She asks. "They don't care, and it's killing me."

But the bills remain, and so must she.

"Fuck my life" she finally decides.

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    Burnout sucks. In my case I had savings and no debt, so I just noped the fuck out and chilled at my parents's for a while.
    Fuck those types of companies.
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    @ars1 "Best place to work!" They boast, long after cancelling the employee happiness surveys. "Everyone loves to be a duck!"
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    I'm rooting for ya. Yes I know, pun.
    But seriously, I hope things get better
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    Add this to your resume:

    100% replacement of "fucked code" with "unfucked code".

    That is your job right now. Sorry.
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    @Demolishun Sigh. You’re not wrong.
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    I am not good with words

    *sending virtual hug*
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    You need a "it's not a bug it's a feature" T-Shirt
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    Oh, I worked there. You should look in `transactions_final_new_final_updated_old_dont_use_restored_for_only_this_client_but_sometimes_others_jake_made_this_john_and_jenny_tried_to_rewrite_dont_touch.php`.

    After 2 weekes of reading their code I started attending standups in a hat, with a whip and playing Indiana Jones theme on my phone. You can cry or laugh. Crying's too messy.
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    Fixing / modifying existing apps written by noobs, are programmers' worst nightmare. Thankfully I only work apps that I have personally gotten involved with since the beginning.
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    Be strong, you can do it!

    Also, search another job ASAP.

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    @zoridan Haha. I’m doing so right now.
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    @Root more like “everyone loves being a dick”
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    Been out for a few months from DR but I see stuff doesnt change.

    Root, maybe reduce your lifestyle/expenses if possibe, get some help and find something that works out for you mentally.

    Seriously how much more years are u gonna repeat this cycle? Its sad. Time for a new season of your tv series, with plot twists and new characters and some character development. This is not fcking healthy.
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    It is a front end project or backend ?
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    @johnmelodyme it’s an ass end project bc it was shat out by a pig’s anus
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    @johnmelodyme It’s a backend feature, specifically validating user input against a bunch of rules of varying precedence.

    Two of these rules do not work in one specific case, but work in all of the others. (Actually, they don’t, but nobody believed me on that.) but figuring out how these validations work is a lot of spelunking, and figuring out how the types differ is yet more spelunking. Joy.
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    @Root sounds like a bug 🐞
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    @johnmelodyme Definitely is. Well, it’s an oversight since it wasn’t implemented for this case. Whatever. There’s a lot of that going on in this place.
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    Put thundercunts name in the tickets blockers section.
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