C++ development experience is absolute shit on Windows

Like using any IDE but VS (which is also shit cuz Micro$oft) to write anything in C++ is just absolute shit.

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    What C++ IDE do you use on linux? Just use the same one on windows?
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    I get the impression you don't know how Linux c++ dev tools work. Coz cmake/autoconf/gcc works when building for Windows too.
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    @12bitfloat I don't use linux
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    @atheist Id like to see you open Nano on a fresh windows install and compiling with g++ out of the box
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    @Hazarth WSL? Bet I can get it downloaded and setup faster than Visual Studio...
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    @atheist with linux you don't need to download anything though
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    @atheist yeah.. no thank you.

    WSL can stay away.
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    So you will only use Microsoft's operating system but refuse to use their IDE... on principle?
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    I don't see how, I found the way to install many of the components that I use for amateur game development pretty easy to develop on Windows. From the Handmade Hero series in youtube or the Kohi game engine development, the process was painless and simple.

    What issues were you having? I found 0 problems installing any of the compilers that I use on both those learning projects as well as on my own(clang for my own, on vs code using the build scripts that I setup on vs code)
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    Laughing in QtCreator...
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