!rant .

Interesting conversation between coworker 1, 2 and 3.

1 : “ hey do you know if you want to sounds like Australians , start eating spiders. Alternatively you can try to eat kiwi to sound familiar to Australian but isn’t.

2 : “ I fancy myself sugary juices and burgers everyday, but yet I am not becoming American.”

1: “No pal you should start drinking petroleum and yell FREEDOM and ‘this is my right!’ every chances you get. That’s how you become a US citizen without the green card .”

3: “bro, you are taking you are what you eat too literally and stereotypically. Let say if you guys would to suck my dick and drain my semen down your throat, won’t me you my son . But I will get the pleasure.”

John : “Yo what the fuck?”

3: “the real question is ‘yo wanna fuck?’”

1 :”you sus bro”

2: “I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that one .”

John :” 1, which ‘you’ you are referring to? 2, of course you didn’t with that amount of sugary juices.”

2: “hey this is my right!”

John: *mute the off-topic channel *

Yo like what the fuck .

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    I'm offended, we dont eat spiders, we ride them!

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    @C0D4 yo that’s big !!! 😳😨😨 and scary. Seriously if I see this in Malaysia I am going to throw durians at them.
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    @johnmelodyme huntsman's are poisonous.... Oddly, every fucking thing else is in the country... but the bastards can run.

    Typically they're much smaller and sit in a corner of the house and eat the flies and what not, I've o my had one be hyperactive and end up being stood on because it was running around the house at night 😆
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    @C0D4 wait did you just say they can “run”?🫣
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    @johnmelodyme 👀maybe
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    @johnmelodyme that's how they get food without webs. They run
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    @C0D4 @iiii oh sheeeeeet
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    That was also supposed to say "aren't" poisonous but Siri being a bitch again.
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    @C0D4 pretty sure kangaroos are not poisonous too (Or did they evolve already ?)
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    @Grumm they're not, but they'll kick the shit out of you🤷‍♂️

    Start at 2:42

    Same result though...
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    @COD4 Gotta love AI that changes "aren't" to "are" ...
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    Kangaroos will be venomous eventually, enough venom to kill multiple elephants just like most venomous creatures there. Oh btw no joke, but I read that most wild creatures in Australia needs to be avoided as they can get dangerous and that includes cute koalas bc they can scratch your face off.
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    @TeachMeCode Luckily we don't have special kangaroo keyboards. So getting some elephants to Australia is in the near future impossible.

    But as soon as you need a shotgun to kill a spider instead of some beach slippers, something is definitely going wrong in that country. 🦘
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    Tbh what’s scarier than venomous spiders is that these dumbasses actually believe you can get an accent from eating wildlife from its country of origin. Are they software engineers??
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