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I'm a "tech" lead for my team. The "tech" stands for technically, I can go on a whole different rant there but that's not why we're here today.
So we have a new PM on our side and a new PM on the client side. I've been working on this project longer than any of the devs and PMs have.
One of the tasks that my team does is validate and ingest data. It's pretty straightforward and it's fully automated. It takes minutes, and at most an hour, to complete this task. We get these tasks from users randomly and they don't have any schedule to it. It's FIFO basis and we just add it to our current sprint if we have bandwidth or add it to the next one if we don't. Not a big deal, no users have complained about it before, it's just business as usual. And we have a tracker of when we received it, how big it was and when it's been ingested. Super simple.
So now comes in the new client PM. He's been asking us to come up with timelines for these ingestions. My project's new PM is bending over to him and saying okay we'll come up with it, no problem. Well, there is a problem. We don't know that far in advance for when these tasks are coming in. Even if we did, now we're supposed to create timelines for a 10 min task? It literally is uploading a file and our system handles everything and I've explained that to my pm but he still is like well that's what they want. It takes less effort to do the ingestion than to make these timelines. It just means project managers bothering devs about timelines.
Idk how to deal with this. Thoughts? Any similar experiences?

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    Do you not do planning poker?
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    Is there that much involved in making a timeline? You could just get a coffee while the task runs. Give them what they want, even if that is simple and easy (and pointless), they'll maybe go away for a while.
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    @spongessuck never done planning poker but we do assign story points. Even after a sprint has been set, the client usually vetoes things in the middle of the sprint and changes priorities.
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    @spongegeoff we have a very easy process to ingest data. Drag and drop the file and everything is taken care of in a few minutes and after that's done we just update our Jira saying it's done. They want a whole gant chart for this task on which data will be ingested when. We've kinda told them that we can do multiple ingestions at the same time. The size of ingestion we get in an instance, we can probably do 20 of those in parallel in under 15 minutes. It just seems excessively micro-managey for a "business as usual" task.
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    @spongegeoff but yeah I guess that's what I'm gonna do. Just like "yeah, timeline? In about five minutes" let them come to their own conclusion. It's just frustrating.
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