So many mens' rights idiots on here...how did dev culture get so toxic?

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    I'm hoping this is a joke cause I haven't seen any of that crap on here.

    as far as I see and I hope everyone else on here does also. I don't give a damn if you man, woman, or a fucking zebra if you can do the damn job you should get paid the same provided you are the same skill level.
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    @DivByZero yeah I'll agree on that, unfortunately I believe that was the last generations fault on how they raised their kids. all we can do is make sure we raise our kids right where we don't steer women away from tech jobs and don't in grain the mindset "if you can't do it, don't" that most girls were taught with, unlike boys that were taught with a try mindset.
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    @jckimble Sorry, I removed my comment right at the moment when you replied. And again I agree.
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    I'd say we are a pretty good bunch.

    What have you seen that made your blood boil?
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    I don't think anyone on here cares if you're even a human (I imagine there are some spy ducks on here, and at least one pineapple), but we even have people who don't code at all.

    Sexism is for idiots. And most developers I've met aren't idiots on that level.
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    Men's rights are an actual issue and the way you wrote your post makes you sound like a douche. Women actually have more privilege than men when it comes to divorces, sentences (the ones that happen in a court) and more things. A man who was raped or assaulted by a woman will have a harder time than a woman who was raped or assaulted by a man. There have been numerous cases of women lying about men raping them just because they wanted to get rid of said men.
    I'm an egalitarian so I fully support gender equality and I do agree that if any person gets paid less than another person in the same position because of something they can't change (skin color, sex etc) it's wrong and should be taken care of.
    On the other hand, AFAIK women tend to make different choices than men (you know, because there's a difference between the brains of the 2 sexes) and I don't think it has anything to do with society "brainwashing" girls and/or that people think girls belong in the kitchen or some other BS.
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    @omrisim210 with few exceptions, men have been dominating the global sociopolitical landscape in recent recorded history. It's silly (or incredibly daft and offensively audacious) to focus on men's rights in a world where women are so clearly treated as second-class citizens. Of course, both genders should have equitable/equal treatment, depending on the scenario. They aren't, though.

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    @DucksCanCode no ducks man, they just quack
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    @sam9669 MY LIFE IS A LIE
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