Software engineering project discussion:
Boy: Sir, my project is a client to manage files stored on different cloud file storage systems at one place
Faculty: Boring idea. Very easy to implement, No scope of scalability, etc
Girl: My project is an app to display the weather information
Faculty: Omg! What an innovative idea! I'm surprised how no one though of this before!

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    do you happen to be an engineering student in India? because I am facing the exact same shit in my software class. no kidding.

    fuckn double standards everywhere 😡🖕
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    @tysa Yes. I'm doing engineering in India
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    Tell me more about this weather app
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    ughh, why are there so many double standards? like, judge my work, not me!
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    Oh come on ! It is like all the companies building virtual assistants : "look how great is our tech, it can display the weather"
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    Indian dudes know the pain.
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    welcome bhai log ! 😃
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    I'm a simple faculty, I see boobs I press like...
    that came out wrong
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    ask a girl to present your work to everybody else, that might work ;)
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    This isn't feminism lol it's bullshit, but not feminism
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