My coding speed strongly depends on what music i'm listening.

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    My coding speed strongly depends on my keyboard.
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    So I'm not the only one? Thanks God 😃
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    My coding speed depends on a lot of factors:
    + Good keyboard
    + Good music (electronic, trap, dubstep, sometimes house)
    + Convos with good devs
    - Bad keyboard
    - Thoughts about girlfriend
    - Noise and music that's not what's above
    - Classmates asking me for helping with their spaghetti code
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    @filthyranter spaghetti code is fine as long as nobody ask me to work with it :)
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    @Byciek Yes, same here, but I get asked to and that distracts me because my eyes hurt after seeing this shit
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    @TAABAP I find a nice drink, a comfy chair, a nice keyboard and some instrumental music is the ideal environment to code.
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    Am I the only one who is distracted by music while coding?
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