I was really confused for a second as to why Redhat sent me a pizza...

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    @kvsjxd correct me if I'm wrong but if you pirated RHEL you wouldn't be able to use their repos and so you would have to use CentOS repos. Surely you may as well just use CentOS ?
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    @kvsjxd *RHEL
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    @kvsjxd I downloaded it using the free developer version but I couldn't even download vim from the official Repos.
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    @kvsjxd well it says this version hasn't been activated or something similar. Not sure if the dev version can be activated, tbh I haven't looked into it at all.
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    wget pizza
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    But if they did... how good would life be?!

    Linux and Pizza FTW! 👌🏼
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    @eksdee4 Well, RHEL does require a license. Not sure why you would pirate it when CentOS is almost the same but free :)
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    Red Hat and Pizza Hut should merge.
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