Front end dev be like:
This is greatest design concept ever!
Why isn't it working? It was working yesterday.
This is the stupidest design concept ever.
It works! It works! The client is going to love this as much as I do. It's exactly what they asked for!

Actually, can you do something completely different?

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    But you get paid well and can get a bf who is sharing your interests easily, so you win.
    If the client pays for the extra work than just do what he/it/she wants.
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    Actually... That whole interaction sounds like me with my own personal projects.

    Me: Yes! This code is awesome! I'm the best! Can't wait to show the world!!

    Me (5 sec later): I think I'm going to completely rewrite this
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    @ObsidianBlk Omg maybe it's me.
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    @ObsidianBlk same here, sometimes I'm annoying myself so much I want to flip the desk XD
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    Me : This is completely wrong

    me : this looks fine

    me : I wan't to quit

    me (singing song for motivation) : IT'S MY LIIIIFE AND IT'S NOW OR NEVER


    me : this isn't anymore

    me : I'd really like to die
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    @vickylaiio it's everyone.. I think @DjSall was just trying to give another perspective, except it's not a competition and nobody is really winning.
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