Am I the only one who thinks that this should just be removed and the algorithm should just be changed instead?

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    Implement a feature to watch an ad to speed your time up. It'd help us + give @dfox and @trogus some well deserved money. Killing two birds with one stone.
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    If you work somewhere where you need to rant more than every two hours then maybe that place isn't good for your health
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    I support the two hour wait. It keeps content fresh, gives each post more time, and prevents spam.
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    How would the algo be changed? what about browsing recent?
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    @jhh2450 Watch 2 hours of ads. That'll speed up time
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    Change to what?
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    Yeah you are the only one.
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    It's to minimize the impact of low quality posters, especially new users who we don't have as much info on. It's just me and @dfox so moderation would be problematic if a bunch of new users go on a tear with spammy shit.

    We looked at the recent data for post rates and very few people post more than 1 rant a day let alone 2 an hour. I did propose a more sophisticated version of this where the timer is reduced proportionately to your historical per rant upvote ratio. A lot more work, maybe someday.
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    @trogus Enter ROBOT9000. except for this time, every post increments in time.
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    yes u are
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