Release Notes:

- Fixed critical UI hangs when scrolling up a rant's comments on slow networks
- Fixed critical UI hangs when loading the profile screen on slow networks

Today, I discovered that there is a huge issue with UI responsiveness when the device is connected to a slow (or subpar) network connection. I deemed this absolutely unacceptable and not in the standard I strive to achieve and scrambled to make a fix. The fix is now *live* and available.

In a week from now, I will expire the update I released yesterday (build 2070) in favor of this new one (build 2084). The schedule for expiring the build before yesterday's update (build 1607) is still scheduled to be expired on Wednesday, 11/23/2022, 6 days from the upload of this post.

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    How do you jump from build 1607 to 2084 in a week
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    @joewilliams007 Build 1607 to build 2084 wasn't in a week, it was more like 3. But in the post, I said that I will revoke build 1607 in 6 days, I think you got me wrong 😅
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    @OmerFlame yea but still do you build it 400 times in 3 weeks? Or does it increase the number automatically each time you make a small change
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    @joewilliams007 I actually worked on it so damn hard for those 3 weeks, I actually advanced by 400 builds in that time span, yes. No joke.
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    @OmerFlame Don't lie.

    You just committed a 1000 "oops... Fixed it" commits and forgot to disable the build trigger....

    Jokes aside, good work.
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    OmerFlame committed: "fix1 final fully working no survey 2072 1000000% working unpatched"

    All jokes aside, I actually only set up a CI about 200 builds ago, I actually built it locally about 400 times in the attempts to fix the app everywhere I could. I am working insanely hard on this app.
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    I’ve sent feedback a couple of times via testflight and was wondering if you receive it.

    So I’ve tested it myself on my app and apperently, there is no notification about it from Apple at all.
    I’ve found feedback for my app from 18 days ago and didn’t know about it.

    Maybe you don’t know either and I just want to let you know that you can find it in appstoreconnect -> TestFlight -> Feedback
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    @Lensflare I receive everything people send me, I haven't had time to check anything lately...
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