OMFG, my upper back is so painfully stiff that I can't even breathe in w/o feeling like two knives are stabbed right between my shoulder blades.

And the weather outside is sooo excellent - first snow this season and it's so white and clean all around. A child inside me already has his mittens and warm boots on and impatiently waiting at the door to get outside to play with the snow.

And I'm supposed to somehow concentrate on work.

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    Classic computer worker.
    Try lying flat on your back on the ground for 20mins twice to four times a day for over three weeks.
    After a week, try to stretch here n there while doing this.
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    What @scor said. Also I find it relaxing to lift my legs to a nearby sofa.
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    Lol, I just gave you your 30k, nice
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    @ElectroArchiver That was very generous of you, thank you!!!
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    @netikras Wanted to upvote your comment, but then I would destroy the nice round number .. fuck it
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    @ElectroArchiver it's preserved in the screenshot. Spoil it away :)
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    *takes netikrad and stuffs him into a hot mudbath for 30 minutes*

    Get a fango or stuff like that.

    Infrared is great, too.

    Just make sure that someone drives you home after... When a lot of pinched nerves get unpunched, your body might become a hormone warzone.

    (aka feeling pain, relief, orgasm, kick in the groin at the same time while being completely exhausted and near delirium)
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    @IntrusionCM are mud baths really THAT good? I always thought they are only some beauty-nonsense-procedures completely not worth men attention.
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    @netikras I used to get fango packages pretty often...

    The heat is a bit different - same for a mudbath. I dunno how to describe it - but I'd guess compared to a regular bath the heat has "nowhere" to go.

    So the first mins it might be a bit uncomfortable, but then it's just all around warm like being wrapped in a dozen blankets.

    I'd found it always better than being massacred by a masseuse, as I don't like being touched by (female) people and most manly masseuses are brutes.
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    @IntrusionCM how does it compare to a hot steam bath [russian/scandinavian style]?
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    @netikras Cannot compare.

    As my lungs are completely fucked, hot steam baths are a big no.
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