In my company we are constricted to have 100% of f̶a̶k̶e̶ coverage with unit test.
Obviously the test suites are not performing and it takes more than 8 minutes to run 3335 tests.

I know that what I'm going to say is super mainstream but there is nothing comparable to the relief that comes from seeing all tests in green after you did a lot of small changes around the code on Friday.

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    Don't worry, liking to maintain 100% test coverage isn't mainstream at all.
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    8 mins is a long time for that many unit tests. We have 1100 so far and it takes about 30 seconds
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    It depends very much on coe quality and test setups

    I have 2 projects :

    .net 6 APIs, using a DB MOCK for tests. Slow as fuck

    Another .net 6 Project (Azure functions), no mock, using EfCore inmemory. Tests are flying.
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    Sheesh. 100 % is stupid.

    Quality over quantity.
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