soon,number of devRant users will hit its million mark and @dfox will not be able to write to everyone personally and mail their stickers!

So, here's to us, the early adapters of devRant! cheers!

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    Haha, that would be a nice problem to have. But yeah, as-is even with how many users we have now and a little bit of help, the volume of emails is still almost overwhelming.

    But I love hearing from everyone and we love sending the stickers so it's worth it :)
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    nice, keep the tempo up! :D
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    And just to add - we really appreciate all early adopters. They've made our hard work worthwhile and it's been very rewarding seeing the community grow his quickly. Thanks to everyone who's here!

    Lots of cool stuff coming soon :)
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    fingers crossed!
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    Hi-five to everyone for allowing devRant to become this huge but still remain humble.
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    all hail @dfox for his amazing work
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    Time for a 'print your own stickers' link instead...
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    @dfox automate email filtering ;D
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