All internships should be paid

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    They kind of are in my country
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    @A00012AX77362 na. There should be limits in place. Once worked for a place as an unpaid intern, 8am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday. No. You should not work someone for 45 hours per week for $0. I quit that shit. You should not ask someone to work more than 20 hours per week without pay.
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    Agree with @jeeper. It really depends on what kinds of responsibilities the intern will have. Both of our interns are paid, we expect them here full time. Unpaid should be much more relaxed with fewer expectations
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    @A00012AX77362 work experience doesn't give me gas money,
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    @A00012AX77362 let me rephrase, if an internship gives credit I don't care if its paid or not. If it doesn't it should be paid. Because yes then im learning and getting something for that. Getting "Work experience‚Äč" for compensation isn't something i believe‚Äč in.
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    There's no way unpaid internships aren't a form of slavery
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    And there would be no internships...
    It's funny, most programming jobs I see in the newspapers here ask for engineers... But only whant internships... No matter how many specific sistems and languages they ask.

    If they had to pay there would be no interns cause they would hire someone with experience (but still offer mininum wage)
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    @RodrigoF thats not true, my internship is paid. Almost all of the CS students I know have paid internships. Some though, have unpaid ones. I'm sure these companies can afford to pay someone minimum wage at least.
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    @Flukz I know, I'm ranting only for the ones that pay nothing....
    There are good Internships and slave Internships :p
    In Portugal, because the government pays companies to create internship programs, most companies take the money. this promotes internship, but only a few companies "share" the money with interns
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    I once did unpaid full time internship for 3 months and they gave me a $50/day "allowance" to cover expenses with travel and food etc.
    But I was desperate at the time as I needed work experience before I graduated.
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    I have seen people intern for as low as $55 a month. It hardly covers their commute expenses. Also if they delay tasks the they stay up nights to get it done. They work almost 50 to 60+hours every week.
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