My first interview as a Java dev tomorrow! Wish me luck

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    gl. and remeber the singelton.
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    Thanks dude. It's later this afternoon.

    I'm pretty peach with UDP, TCP, i/o. I am very good at Swing and FX GUI building and I have a basic understanding of Threading. Interfaces Abstract classes etc of course.

    They were eager to meet me so hopefully it's enough for them!
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    Good luck
    I had interview for my first IT job yesterday too. And I passed :)
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    It's for Java job so you really need some luck ­čśŤ so best of luck mate ­čśŐ
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    Congrats Ôś║
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    @fives How did it go?
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    Still crunching the interviews.

    Yesterday I was the final of two choices out of the few dozen at an assessment day, after scoring one of the highest on all tests and interviews. However they came to decide with the other guy. :(
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