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    if(userOS != "windows10"){
    olderVersionOfWindows = true;
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    Your browser requires a restart :)
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    @AlgoRythm pretty accurate 👌
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    @BillGates not a nice move against @Linux 😔
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    @divil Because after a long day filled with failed Manjaro installations I got tired and decided to just wipe everything and put Ubuntu on it because that usually works.
    Then I installed i3wm, decided after a few weeks it's not as great as many people claim and now it's running Unity again.

    It works fine, looks decent and I'm currently too lazy to change it, so whatever.
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    @gitpush ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ go complain to Satya
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    1. How do you fail to install Manjaro?
    2. I3wm is at least as awesome as people say
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    1. Installing Manjaro wasn't the problem, but when the laptop greets me afterwards with messages like "alloc magic broken" and it's already past midnight I'm not in the mood for troubleshooting.

    2. Needing to do everything in the terminal can be cumbersome though, and combined with various audio issues, workspace crashes etc. it was a pain.
    In my experience a good desktop environment is just as efficient and more stable, but I'm sure it runs fine on a lot of other machines.
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    never tried going ms site from linux machine, i thought i would explode linux. still doesnot look safe they try hook to winbloatycrapspyndos 10 !!!
    ... #solus best linux ever specially for gaming and dev.
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    Go home browser. You are drunk.
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    @manox14 is it fast and stable enough than mint?
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    @fidellr ya it been 6-7 month its runnin smoothly, if i was on Ubuntu or mint would hav broke two time already. :P (assuming you r talking about solus)
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    I love that it's in bold.
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    that the power of windws my bro.
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    Weird message.
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    Explorer.exe has stopped working
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    I uh see you having some problems there :)
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    olderVersionOfWindows = userOS != "windows10"
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    Time to upgrade your Windows right now. LOL!
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