We were still using python 2.7 waaay into 2020 - It had been heralding the impending doom since 2018 and finally end-of-lifed in 2020.

That's when I finally managed to be the loudest asshole in the room and allocate a team (myself included) to refactor shit up to 3.6 (then somewhat more modern) for a month or so.
COVID the destroyer may have helped by wrecking havoc on our client's demands pipelines.

It was the third week into "the red sprint" when my entire team (myself included) were beheaded out of the company since we had "not delivered ANYTHING in weeks!" (emphasis in the original).
Frankly, being laid off was by a large margin the best thing that company ever did for me.

I heard from a poor schmuck who stayed behind that they were still using the shitty spaghetti code from before our refactoring - in freaking November 2021 - and that our entire last effort was thrown out because "nobody knows how to use it".

There is tech debt and there is tech bankruptcy.
I may have a lot of tech schadenfreude now :)

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    Wow... good you had to go... suck tech bankrupcy is poison for one's career
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    Can relate. Company wants you to churn out of visible new features after new features. They don't care if their website still uses JQuery 1.5 (for example). That's why a lot of apps out there sucks. Not the developers' fault. It's the fault of their managers/employees!!
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    Python 2.7 in 2021?

    That is quite modern. Cries in a company that still needs a Windows 98 PC for some tasks.
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    Weeks? I launched an upgrade project that will stretch over about a year to clear out tech debt and move away from platforms that are obsolete.

    But on the other hand I have all of management behind me.
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    @Voxera I got a month to work on refactoring, not to do it all. I wish we could be done in a month, but after the budgeted time things would stay in the half-state we left them.
    I had hoped for at least 20% of all microservices to be migrated into python 3.6, but without any fancy new features.
    Heh, it has barely been two years and I feel like back then I was so young and naive.
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    Fart competition?
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    @electrineer Is there any other type of backlog prioritization meeting?
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    Show off.
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    @scor Nah, @Voxera is the good soul of DevRant 😊
    No drama, just pure experience and knowlege.
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    @happygimp0 yikes, is it to program faxes?
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    @PonySlaystation, I do believe @Voxera.
    Just jealous ="D
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    @PepeTheFrog No, to access special production machine that comes from the same time.
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