We had to review a design document written by our partners, and have it approved by end of Dec.
While I was reading it, I noticed that we committed to a module I wasn't familiar with. I asked the other two lab mates, and they had a surprised Pikachu face.
So we called the boss to discuss this. And it dawned on him that we committed to a task that was assigned 20 months of work, but nobody started working on it. And considering Holidays and other commitments, we had like 3 months to do it from scratch and deliver.
My advisor panicked, and his first response was to assign this task to me.
I politely declined, and after digging in my email box, found that he actually assigned the task to someone else. So I showed it to him.
Thinking I would save him after he treated me badly for nearly 2 years was hilarious. For a better manager, I would have definitely agreed to assist. But as it is now? I'll be eating cookies while I'm watching the project burn.

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    @Kernel Especially when the university decided to not really heat the buildings this winter. I'm fucking freezing. So let it burn :)
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    End of Dec meaning end of the decade
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    @electrineer I'm ready for this decade to end
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    I sometimes notice immediate toils like this and remain silent , because if i raise a alarm, for sure, that task would land on my queue ... And me being me , i wouldn't have the balls to say no ... So I'd end up overworking myself to make up for some other guys incompetence

    Kudos to you as you handled a similar situation quite well
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    @marypino That's great, but how is it related to DevRant or my rant?

    What's with the random, single comment, created 2 days ago accounts commenting on my post?
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    @NickyBones it's just the typical spam devrant is full of
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    Err, what is going here? I can't write on any thread I want just because I am a newbie?
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    @BerthaHunt devRant is full of spam accounts that first post a few comments that don't really make too much sense and then start posting advertising spam with links to some services. Take for example this profile https://devrant.com/users/....

    If that's not your intent, and you're in fact a dev who wants to rant about stuff (or even just studying some coding), you're very welcome here.
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