How to get rich being a programmer?

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    By winning the lottery
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    Become a software security expert.

    You will make 2-3x in security as you make in soft dev.
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    Work in fintech. Steal 0.0002¢ from every transaction.
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    That's the neat part: you don't
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    stop drinking smoking and whoring and start saving. Sr. dev salaries are 2x+ above average (at least where I live) which gives you a better chance to save up faster.
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    Get your priorities right. Either you are ready to work at all hours and study a lot in addition to work, or sit like a junior for years, but with stable nerves.
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    @netikras save for what? World is shit anyway.
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    @iiii Usually when I start thinking like that, all my savings go down the drain
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    Devs normally only get rich when they are also owner of the company they work for and the company gets bought by someone big like Google. There are freak cases of devs who also happen to be born in the right circles and are then at the right place at the right time and happen to serve some genuine market demand the market didn't know it had before. Rarely it also works when not being the first, but we already are in a probability territory where winning the lottery is a daily event...
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    You'll never get rich working for somebody - only help them get more richer.
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    Being an expert in security, ML and such will increase your income, beyond that I’m not sure you can keep staying a technician 100%. Being a consultant for big companies could also help, if you have an expertise + rep. But then again it depends what you call rich 🚀
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    1. Open a crypto-exchange platform

    2. Amass money

    3. Steal all the funds

    4. ????

    5. Profit
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    Like @Earu said, it depends on what you call rich.
    I grew up on a middle-class family where domestic air-conditioning was considered sci-fi (even though we lived in a literal desert) and managed to move to a snowy country. I count that as "filthy rich".
    Besides, dev work is reliable work - you might get laid off from your big tech job but you won't be out of work for long.
    So you put your steady stable savings into REITs, Govt bonds and blue chip dividend stocks and let of grow for a few decades.
    If you want Ferrari money, though... Devs never get that. Only sleazy con men get it by being "entrepreneurs". If you just wanna code I hope you like efficient easy-to-park japanese cars.
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    Thr most common solution is using Java.

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    Rich-rich? Lottery win or rob a bank

    Or little less? Climb the career ladder :/
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    Become a lizard 🦎 ..
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    @iiii to pay electricity bills and buy some oil for heating and making fuel for your car and generator.

    Or for whatever else you want to be rich for/of
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    - Be a VR startup with not much to show.
    - Convince the Zuck its an essential component for his Metaverse.
    - Get aquired and flee with the money.
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    I have to agree with you
    Security professionals gets paid a lot for nothing (not nothing exactly)
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    * Get good job

    * Save your money

    * Invest your money in safe assets with 3%-6% return

    * Wait 30 years

    * Profit
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    Write Ransomware lol
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    think the biggest problem are people not investing their money, but just letting it sit in the bank instead
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    @iArrow I watch my security counterparts send off report after report that creates so much chaos in the product pipeline and get paid at least twice as much as I do.

    From where I'm sitting they're at the top of the crapper and I'm shoveling their shit.

    Don't misunderstand me, they provide a valuable service. Application security is incredibly important. It would just be nice if they would actually provide security support instead of just sending off fucking reports.

    Think of it like picking up pieces of glass off the floor while somebody sits behind you and keeps telling you "you missed one." It's so frustrating to have to work with lazy pieces of shit like that. They're not all like that though, just the majority that I've ever worked with.
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    @mikeRanting right now both options are bad.

    No interest gains and volatile stocks. Too poor to spend any money.

    Welcome to the roaring twenties! If you're on top, you're on top. If you're not, you're not.

    et succendam eam
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    drop all your skills and become a consultant.
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    I can understand your frustration
    I did some bug bounty myself, I feel the suffering of you guys
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    I would bitchslap hard any cunt making a crap load just for filling reports.

    If they can't get hands on on fixing vulns, and teaching devs how not to introduce vulns, they are a waste of air.
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    This question still haunts me
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