A remake of a website named Death Roulette where Twitch viewers could bet against each other on how the streamer would die in different roguelike games like Spelunky or Crypt of The Necrodancer.

The original hadn't been updated in a long time and the API it used for Twitch authentication was deprecated and removed so I built my own version in about 2 months, just in time for streamer "Vargskelethor" Joel to play Spelunky 2 with his chat when the game came out.

Needed a bit of help from another chat member to get it running at scale but all in all that was my first full-stack project.

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    I don't watch Joel enough to have used it even though Joel is one of the few steamers I know about. He's crazy fun at best. I vaguely remember him using something created but the community. Nice.
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