I guess scriptkiddies get offended too soon. Thanks for the hate.

P.S. : I'm not stopping to downvote improper questions on SO

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    @viking8 how? Possibly, how?
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    Well done my friend well done!
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    why so much hate? stack exchange gets you connected to people with incredible experience and know-how. these people put their valuable times to help others. i think it is very reasonable to expect people to show some respect to at least make a google search before posting, and showing some concern to brevity, clarity and simple grammar rules. this is called "respect".
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    Yea fuck you bro, SO is mostly a toxic community of smartass'. If you actually like helping people you wouldnt care about how a question is "formated". I hope you at least reference another post before downvoting and flagging. Now to all the helpful people, thank you but ill stick to lurking. I hate/love SO with a passion. Lol ok im done now
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    Are you the guy that run Kali Linux too?
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    @Linux lmao 😂😂😂
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    @Linux are you a wizard ? :O
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    @RYPTAR yea.. make up your mind.
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    @RYPTAR bad formatting is a sign of little care on your side and makes the lifes of everybody else unnecessarily hard
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    Okay so I understand why you down vote questions, tbh I even think it's valid (even though a well researched question when you're genuinely stuck will often see - 5 before it's first answer hence so's toxic and elitist stigma but I digress).

    That being said, the reason why you're getting all the hate is that your ego broke a piece of the door frame when you brought it in the room and that's our fucking door frame dammit we need that!
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    @DLMousey all I did was being honest. Nothing else. As you said being 'egoistic', I'm aware of me being egositic and frankly I'm trying to limit it everytime I can.
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    @Huuugo though i agree with that to an extent people aren't functions that need a specific arguement format to work(help). Its a bullshyt excuse not to help people. Everyone starts off without skills, too many people forget where they came from and become assholes.
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    @dextel2 let us know when it starts working!
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    @RYPTAR I prefer helping people who are showing a fair amount of motivation and autonomy. Asking malformed or badly written questions is like saying "I don't know how to do that and I don't care. Could you do it for me?"
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    @Huuugo To each his own, in my experience ive only ever posted 3 questions on SO every one got flamed, downvoted, and flagged. The 1st question fine i get it, the 2nd question maybe, but for my 3rd question no, i followed the "format" even had references to other work i had read through. The community is elitist as someone else has mentioned.
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    @RYPTAR if you link me to the question I might be able to tell you the reasons
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    Also you can always ask for feedback on meta
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    @Huuugo I actually appreciate that you were willing to do that 🖒🏽, i just tried to find my account but no dice that happened well over 3 years ago and i dont have access to the email i created it with. Regardless the impression was made, Ill stick to lurking, and I still dont think there should be a "bar to entry" when asking a question, genuine people would help regardless of "technicalities". You care about the community's reputation, pave the way for a brighter SO
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    The SO community is clearly about quality content, and when you are unable to ask quality questions you have to revisit it. I don't see the problem in that. There's tons of documentation on how to write a good question and you are prompted to do so when posting a question. It's the least you can do for expecting someone to take time out of their life to help you, in my opinion.

    Also, if SO would just allow any shit content to stay we would not have these clear and nice questions to Google for. I disagree that it's an elitist community. "As you sow, so shall you reap", meaning that if you ask a shit question don't expect anything better than shit back.
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    @g-m-f I can only imagine. I have done my fair share of moderation on SO and there's still plenty of shitty content being posted :/
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