Immortality in the sense like Matrix did it would be quite handy. Imagine you could become a program like Smith and be able to change your own source code, clone yourself with the same thoughts, knowledge and past.

Well, unless someone turns your machine off.

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    I'd program some self-discipline into myself
    Woah, that actually would be the best superpower
    And delete sleepCycle.exe O.O
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    @aile11 Exactly :D And something like:

    if hungry: feed_from_universe_juice()

    would be useful too.
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    Dad: what's this doing on? How many times in tell you to turn off computer to save power!

    You: dad stop n~

    The sound of a computer winding down here.
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    @gears Nowadays it's rather rare to have a machine that's not connected to the outer network, so I could just clone myself. You could say I'm a virus :D
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    @KeyWeeUsr oh, being a virus, climbing over firewalls, throwing folders in the Trash, being absolutely everywhere

    Sounds nifty
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