I'm planning to add this in my next project..

Login Critter

Source: https://github.com/cgoldsby/...

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    @AlexDeLarge For a kids site/app, this might be cool, but for anything professional, I wouldn't dream of putting this in it.
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    Trying to figure out how this post qualifies as a rant.
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    I'd only be ok with it if its a travel app else it is annoying af tbh
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    This brings back memories to a side project I worked on once that almost had this implemented.

    We finally agreed that the bear was WAY to distracting when typing things in and disbanded the bear.

    Otherwise if it’s for kids then you could probably get away with it.
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    why we can't just post an image without writing some bullshit?
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    This is not new, have seen a panda, an owl, a human (hot chick), a yeti, an alien.. Doing the same thing.. Also it's quite easy to develop..

    This is an animation which is appealing to newbies
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    I love this.
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    Yes yes yes and more yes with a siding of yes and a tall glass of yes...

    Did i mention yes?
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    @ThreadRipper This is the response i was waiting to see.
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    Can someone explain why there's 6 days ? I posted it today.
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    Another... Is the server time okay? @dfox @trogus
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    I saw a codepen with the original (that one with the yeti). Tons of CSS and JavaScript... for a minimalistic login page with an avatar. Thanks, no.
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    I feel the original was better: https://dribbble.com/shots/... wonder why he took it down from codepen though

    edit: after checking his twitter, it seems he just updated it: https://codepen.io/dsenneff/pen/...
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    I saw that on the NPM login page just the other day!

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    Why should users input an email in a login screen? I would input an e-m address instead :p The bear is cool though :)
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    You have to be between the age of 8 to 12 to use this login.
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    Google provides a video game on their browser and people think it's cool. Github shows skywalker/unicorn, and people think it's funny.

    But guy posts about a bear image in login page and people think it's unprofessional... I mean c'mon y'all.

    Professionalism doesn't mean boring.
    If somebody gets 'distracted' by a moving image, what good are they in their life.
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