Came back to check how this community is doing. It’s been a while, in fact almost 7 years since the community was created.

@dfox you still around?

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    @uziiuzair Nah, he and Trogus took the money and moved to the caribbean. DevRant is now self-aware an running on its own.
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    Lot of the old hats have left as the community lost the tight-knit feel it had in the beginning, but it's still going.
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    @AlmondSauce I’ve been seeing a few familiar faces here and there.

    But I suppose that’s the story of every community, you gotta work hard to maintain it, its culture, and people. Otherwise your community evolves in unpredictable ways forming its own culture.
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    @PonySlaystation Hahaha sounds about right.

    I actually noticed a lot of bugs this time around like as if the app hasn’t been updated in quite a while. Which got me curious on whether David was still involved in updating it.
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    Is rutee still around?
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    @alexbrooklyn Rutee disappeared a while back I think.

    Probably finger-banging his frenemies like a champ.
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    @alexbrooklyn I suppose I have been gone long enough to have no idea who that is. Haha
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