Rant. (I love and respect all people! Especially developers.)

You frontend imbecils! I just can’t deal with you any more. I’ve had it.


I mean. Just fucking stop! If I see another worthless datetime picker with an ”innovative” design I am going to hunt you down and freaking scream in your face.

And make fucking buttons look like tappable/clickable. It’s not fucking hard! Imbecils.

Oh, ooo, look at me, I am a frontend developer and I am in UX la-la land and what I am doing is sooo hard. Fuck off with your fucking moving gradients and n:th-child childish playground.

”Yeah, I exchanged the spinner…”

Fuck you. Your not contributing. Nobody cares! We’re not doing anything for the business by having a web which can be seen on a fucking telephone. EVERYBODY IS SITTING WITH SEVERAL GIANT MONITORS AND A FUCKING WORKSTATION FOR THIS. NOBODY ASKED FOR IT. AND YOU SPEND COUNTLESS HOURS ON IT.

”Yeah, I made the site work on ipad”

Please. Why? It’s not worth anything. Zero value.

”Yeah, the toggle component is now changed since we started to use the biddle-flipflup lib and it works almost the same”

No! NO! It does not work ”almost” the same. The psychology of the toggle is now wastly different. What was On before now looks like Off and it is fucking worse!!!

Imbecils. I hate you.

And no, I can’t do your fucking work! And I know that you do other non-ui stuff as well sometimes… but anyway… I have no interest to be in that clusterfuck that modern frontend is today. It was really fucking bad twenty years ago and it is just as bad today and you are not helping.

”I’ve improved the button so now it aaaaalmost does not look like a button. But I am getting there!”

Fuck you.

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    Can’t hear you over my money machine go brrrrrrrr
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    I disagree about the tablet part. The only job for a front end is to make the information accessible, so it better do it well.
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    That last part xD
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    I know you disagree and I agree.

    It's just that I am tired.

    I've been waiting on self-organizing user interfaces for twenty years. We've come a long way but we will always need buttons and stuff. But sometimes I feel like we opt-in too many times in "we need to manual fix things by clicking buttons" instead of "we need to automate this so that we do not need a user interface".

    In fact, woodworking seems ok. That actually seems like the only viable solution for a lot of things. Or bicycle repair man.
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    @phat-lasagna 😂
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    @electrineer It's a team effort! ❤️
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    Talk with ux designers and managers then instead of blaming frontend devs .-.
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    God I'm fucking glad to not be a frontend developer. I sure love my backend shebang
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    @piratefox I don't blame frontend devs in my team or other teams. I help them! I am being pragmatic, positive and helpful. It's just that they suck! Frontend sucks. The war between different paradigms in frontend sucks. No matter where you look in frontend it is a clusterfuck. Inventing the wheel precisely everywhere.
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    Yes! You're fully right!
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    I believe you'll like this website: https://motherfuckingwebsite.com/
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    @NodaiWTF That’s a good mother f-ing web site right there! 💪
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