Visual Studio insists on installing most of its crap on C:/


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    That's a lot of porn on your E drive....
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    @neodite i don't download c*rn xD
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    Try disk cleanup utility so that you get some free space. Right click on it head over to the properties and then disk cleanup. After first scan completed, there will be button to clean up system files. Try that option too. Good luck.
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    Aww, he thinks he can have another drive for programs on Windows. That's so cute.
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    You can also create a NTFS junction to move VS (or any big program) to D:

    1. Run cmd as admin
    2. move C:\sourcefolder D:\targetfolder
    3. mklink /J C:\sourcefolder D:\targetfolder

    Junctions work at the OS layer and should be transparent to most programs.
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    @hawkes this is great
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    You definitly need more porn on your E drive
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    @pokemanicx Yep, he's missing 66.1 gigaboobs on it
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    That's just a software RAID, or am I mistaken?
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    i hate it when they don't give you the option to install crap on another drive hhh... i'm running win10 with a 32GB C drive, and only like 2 GB is left even though i'm installing everything i can to my external
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    @Huuugo i got virtualbox because i own windows
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    @hawkes hmm, i should try that junction...
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    Solution: buy Intel 750 1.2 TB PCIe SSD
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