I attended a webcall with the cat on my shoulder, some manager complained it was not professional.
Now, I do not know who that was so I'll have to just shoot in the crowd and take innocent victims, but from now I'll attend every single call with as many cats on screen as possible. Possible outcomes, and both are fine by me, either they cut down the amount of unnecessary calls -as to limit the amount of catness on their screen- or learn to grow the fuck up because unlike some retard I get paid for working, not for busting the balls to the people that actually work.

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    How dare they?! ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜พ
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    That manager has no heart
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    I hope you keep your job ๐Ÿ˜˜
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    Unprofessional is fast becoming my least favourite English word. Pretty much the only times I hear it is
    1. Referring to abuse somehow implying that workplace etiquette violations and their consequences supersede civil law
    2. Referring to perfectly harmless and normal things that aren't part of, but also don't conflict with getting shit done
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    I hate stuff like this. The cat's not impeding your ability to work, or attend your webcall, so why the hell should it matter?

    To me it's the same thing as someone's personal style. Having a ring in my lip and dressing casually isn't going to stop me doing my job, but I know some places wouldn't let me come into work like this.
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    Everyone is allowed to wear makeup right..
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    It is my emotional support animal! I am feeling attacked!
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    change your webcam backgound to more cats
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    @lorentz unprofessional probably mostly apply when it's literally sabotaging the quality of the work someone do. People who are usually unprofessional will try to compensate in some other way and will push their insecurities on others. To me this is the annoying part... working with worthless assholes.
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    Cats on calls is actually encouraged at my place !
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    If the science is right, if you haven't got a cat, you might want to not get one !


    And dogs are nearly as bad..



    Opinion: We Didn’t Domesticate Dogs. They Domesticated Us.


    So the next time you are sitting down watching the TV, remember, your dog made you do it, instead of you going outside and playing with your other human friends !
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    @PepeTheFrog Reminds me the other day when someone got annoyed at me because I accused them of not being helpful !

    They wasn't helpful..

    I was the only one being helpful.

    That wouldn't have been an issue, but then they said a sarky comment about how they have access to the most helpful people.

    So I asked them when such people came to provide helpful information if they could pass it on to everyone else, me included.

    They said that wasn't their role, and how 'offended' they was that I said they wasn't being helpful enough.

    I'm sorry but someone who has said nothing in public that is helpful, implies they could be helpful in private, but isn't going to pass that helpful information along to anyone else who could benefit, is what I would call being a bit an asshole !

    This was in a group called "XXXX support and advice group"..



    Castlemaine XXXX lager advert (mining) 1980s

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