WooCommerce sucks, Block editor sucks, Elementor is no better, but if you want a real mess, just add more plugins. Bonus: if you use any "third party WordPress plugin", WooCommerce support can always say, oh yeah, I see that you are using a third party plugin, so we cannot support you, sorry.

Fuck, that's not the kind of front-end development that I was hoping to do in 2023.

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    Why? Have you assumed that web frontend development would be less of a clusterfuck in 2023?
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    I learned that people light firecrackers and make so much noise on New Year's Eve to fend off evil spirits, and they did, so I concluded all the bad things would just magically disappear in the new year!
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    Official support isn't interested in your success, their primary performance metric is closed tickets over time. I will always take a product with a good user forum over one with official support.
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    It took me a while but I finally remembered when I stopped blogging: one year after wordpress introduced blocks, and I switched to tumblr (lol that was... short-lived).

    I remembered cause I went back to blogging platforms, and I absolutely DESPISE the idea of "blocks", feels like they just threw on an arbitrary schema to a plain text file that just makes me do more work.

    Not everything needs to be a "notebook"- and "wiki"-ready. Jeez. I miss it when things did one thing at a time.
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