Coolest project I'll continually be working on.


Selling my Dad's famous BBQ sauces and rubs has been my hobby and passion for years. I'm lucky that my Dad was a computer enthusiast in the 1980's and also had a knack for marketing himself. All the while also being a somewhat famous character in the pioneering sport of competition BBQ cooking.

My brother and I shared the following machines growing up:

Commodore 64 w/ 2 Disk Drives, VicModem, & Tape Drive

Tandy 1000 Original Radio Shack IBM PC Clone

IBM 5150 w/ 20mb Hard Drive Expansion (Still Have This In Near Mint Condition)

Tandy 1000 RSX 386 with Win 3.11 For Networks

A Homebuilt Pentium 90 MHz Tower with Soundblaster and 16bit onboard video.

All that time on those machines learning various flavors of BASIC and crude graphic design got me where I am today.

That and learning how to BBQ... ;)

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    Nice website, looks good on the phone too.
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    @georgelynch thanks. I can't take all the credit, but I did lay the foundation for our colors and branding. I'm mostly a Drupal guy, but initially created our website on Shopify just to get selling quickly. Now it's on WooCommerce and my brother has been helping me configure all the plugins for shipping, inventory, and sales. So far it's been fun. We'll be adding Coinbase for Bitcoin payment processing next.
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    "Cook that sumbitch". Story of my life. Nice site!
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    @crazyidiot Thanks! I hope all of you take a minute to check out the selection. These are 100% geek made products. All products made and marketed by 2 computer scientists, a rocket scientist, a historian, some teenagers, and an Air Force veteran.
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    Yes I am finding this conversation very interesting. I have been selling USA made product on my website and it is very difficult to sell things at profit when there is so much cheap foreign makers. You have to be one hell of a marketer to make it happen.
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    @georgelynch it helps if it's a unique product or boutique item. What are you selling if you don't mind me asking?
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    Leather bracelets, purses, all made in the USA. I want to expand to other areas of the rural lifestyle like camping and outdoors but I have have pretty much have lost focus. I am from the ozarks and I want to sell things related to that lifestyle. I have a pretty big Facebook group called current river rats that Has been a blast to watch grow to over 900 people. I think there is potential for growth. I just need to get more product to sell but makers often make in small batches so drop shipping is not an option. I would not mind selling products from companies that make us made products but have not been able to establish those relationships.
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    We're practically neighbors. I'm in Northeast Arkansas. I've got a few places you might be able to sell your wares.
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