Hey all... I have a question...
So, I m really burnt out of coding (C++ guy here)... I have always been learning something but never built anything... I really wanna make some game or something but it jst takes soooo long... M really lacking motivation and m soooo through learning stuff for now...
Please suggest what do i do? (Cant change language... I find all others boring... No offense)

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    get game engine and its tutorial with c++ support after 4-5 hrs of learning you could start making flappy bird xD .... udemy or some another learning site hav comprehensive tutorial on unreal engine i think.
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    It's ok to take a break from coding. Of course, you could end up like me (a former C++ dev and instructor) and become a DBA. Guess I decided to take a much longer break, because I haven't gone back yet. Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do.
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    If you know c++ try sfml they have a pretty good documentation. Start with simple things to keep yourself motivated. Try building a snake, tick tack toe or something. If you still find that to be too much try simplyfing things even more, make a square which responds to imput. Afterwards you can start adding new mecanics to your game.

    Good luck! :D
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    Thanks to all ur input guys 😊
    @AdrianD oh i use SFML always... Its super clean and works great 😁
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    Do Game Jam that allow less time to create game (1 - 5 days)
    It really force u to be creative ;)
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    @CSaratakij @fun2code thanks for ur input guys 😊
    @fun2code i'll start looking into unreal engine tomorrow morning for sure... I didnt know it uses C++ for its coding 😅
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    Maybe you can find a robot kit and try to program that
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    If you're into 3D and want a challenge, learn Vulkan.
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    Cocos2dx is a framework that lets you make cross platform 2d games 🖒🏽
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    @fun2code github.com/Electrux/Electrux-Codes

    Check the ChatRoom project in that... I made it in SFML... 🙂😊
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    Btw... The code is pretty bad (i used to code prrtty bad)... No docs, comments and probably vety bad refactoring...
    Very sorry about that...
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    @fun2code thanks a lot 🙂😊
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